The Range of Light National Monument

Our primary goal is to protect the federal land between Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks by creating the Range of Light National Monument. We've been working on this project for nearly seven years; it is endorsed by 148 businesses and organizations, 200 scientists, 18 members of the House, the Democratic National Committee and the California Democratic Party. 

To learn more about this proposal, review our one page summary sheet, our scientist sign-on letter, or reach out to us directly and get involved. 

Environmental Advocacy & Leadership Training

We run an internship program, which deeply involves students and youth activists in forging a positive future. We believe in learning by doing, but also in studying what works. Our goal is to bring the political process into the light, so that students and citizens can learn to be effective activists. This requires that students learn and understand the current political system, but also develop a deep understanding of the subject matter, make a commitment to the environment, and hold personal integrity in order to achieve long term goals and foster trusting relationships. 

The Pacific fisher: the Southern Sierra Nevada DPS

Unite the Parks, Sequoia ForestKeeper, and The John Muir Project intend to file suit for violations of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by the USFS and USFWS, for allowing 39 logging projects in the habitat of the endangered Pacific fisher—the Southern Sierra Nevada Distinct Population Segment (SSN DPS).

Many of these logging projects take place in occupied fisher habitat and entail commercial logging of large living trees and snags, at and around denning sites, and the removal of both understory brush and canopy cover, which are critical for the survival of the Pacific fisher. Pacific fishers need large living trees, an interconnected habitat, and shaded overhead forest canopy cover. Learn more


& Analysis

Spotlight on Science: A Closer Look 

When appropriate, we will look closely at scientific theory and research as it relates to our work; we will discuss forestry, the Pacific fisher, wildlife, plants, fires, human psychology, politics, and leadership principles. We will explore and analyze prevailing myths to root out the truth behind popular conceptions and misconceptions. Our essays will be short 1-2 pages, so you can read them in a few minutes. Our goal is to summarize matters of importance. At Unite the Parks, we believe in science, and we work hard to research, read, and get our facts right. Each post will include references. Read our first one, Logging increases wildfire severity.  

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